DaWomanGods is a diversified global community and DAO focusing on creating value for investors. The governance is facilitated by the digital art collection.

The collection will officially be listed on:

Magic Eden

Staking will be a crucial part of the whole DaWomenGods ecosystem. Staking your NFT will earn you $GLOW that you can use for auctions and raffles hosted in-house. There will be physical and digital assets that can be acquired using $GLOW. We will continuously work on developing the ecosystem to increase its inherent value.

Some other ways to earn $GLOW:
1. Burn your DaWomanGod NFT and earn X amount of $GLOW
2. Burn an NFT you have from a project that rugged you and receive X amount of $GLOW

Everyone who sells underfloor or mint price will be charged an additional 10% in what we call WAGMI tax. ​​More information on the logic behind the tax can be found on the home page.

We believe this tax mechanism will facilitate a STRONG and continuously increasing floor price. The team will buy the most common DaWomenGods using the treasury wallet that receives the tax funds. 7.5% will go to the treasury wallet and 2.5% to the DAO wallet.

When enough funds are gained in the treasury wallet, the lowest priced DaWomenGod will be bought and sent to the burn wallet. This will be done once a week. If several gods are bought they will wait for their doom in the burn queue. We believe this will help to increase floor price and value for true holders even more.


  1. Development of a marketplace and staking system
  2. Purchase of assets to be used for raffle and auction using the $GLOW coin
  3. Community events and assets to help develop the DAO
  4. Direct financial rewards for community talents and contributers
  5. Expansion plans so we can continue the develop the DAO
  1. DaWomanGods Leaders – Great-minded community leaders (holders) and the management.
  2. Da Council – This council comprises people voted in by other DaWomenGods members. Their function is to approve suggestions the community and team have made before allowing the community (holders) to vote on it.
  3. BeastGods – A group of Beast mode women gods consistently showed that they understand the DAO and the direction. They provide good suggestions and ideas on how to progress the DaWomenDAO.All functions work closely to approve and decide how the DAO fund should be used and what direction we should continue to move in.#GodMode

We are developing a heat map to display other holders when you connect your wallet. You can customize the information you wish to have visible.

Staking is free.

Stake link: TBA

Unstaking will cost a small amount of SOL. This fee goes into the DaWomenDAO wallet.


We will invest a lot into this ecosystem to $GLOW provides real tangible value.

  •  Transformation
  • Raffles
  • Auctions
  • Betting platforms
  • Games
  • More incoming…

All wallets will be posted here for transparency.

In the future, we will create a collection that will be minted n $GLOW